Star of Bombay Gin 70cl

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Country England
Spirit Type Gin
Brand Bombay
Size 70cl
ABV 47.5%
Serving Suggestion Served over Ice with Tonic and a squeeze and slice of fresh Lemon

Star of Bombay is a higher-strength, super-premium variant of Bombay Sapphire. The classic notes of juniper, angelica and coriander have been intensified, with the addition of bergamot and ambrette seeds offering extra exoticness. 

Bombay sapphire is flavoured with some of the finest and refreshing botanicals and infusions, such as Juniper and Lemon remain at the heart of Bombay Sapphires flavour, resulting its much loved dry, herbal tang. A clean and refreshing Gin bursting with citrus and natural flavours.

Country Of Origin: England
Bombay Sapphire Gin distilled from 100% grain neutral spirit from a 1761 recipe has carefully selected botanical ingredients, including almonds, angelica, lemon peel, coriander, liquorice, cassia bark, juniper, cubeb berries, orris and grains of paradise. Unlike other gins which boil their botanicals with the spirit, the Bombay spirit is distilled alone. To achieve the unique flavour, the spirit passes through the botanicals in vapour form, allowing each delicate aroma to be fully absorbed and is then distilled three times. The bottle's name originates from the popularity of Gin in India, but is in fact, born and bred in London.
Country Of Origin: England

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