Stones Ginger Joe Alcoholic Ginger Beer 12 x 330ml

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Country England
Drink Type Alcopop
Brand Stones
Size 12 x 330ml
ABV 4%
Style Zingy and refreshing
Food Match A Hearty pub style lunch or hot curry...
Some insist that Ginger Joe goes down best accessorised by food. For others, only a swift, unhindered swig of the gingerable brew will do. In the interests of fair play, the gang at Ginger Joe suggest you try the following tonsular techniques before swinging either way: Savour every sip of Ginger Joe with a hearty pub lunch or hot curry and make ice-toppled Ginger Joe the first swallow of your summer drinks party. To truly taste the tantalising tang and tingle of Ginger Joe you may care to take up the following ‘tache-twisting taste tips: Topple in a tall tumbler over towers of ice, Liberate your luscious libation with lemon or lime, Splash on a dash of spirit to add spring and sparkle, Stir in strawberries, stud with mint and stun fellow drinkers
Country Of Origin: England
The legend of Ginger Joe is inspired by ‘Ginger’ Joseph Stone, moustachioed London greengrocer and illustrious founder of the noble house of Stone. Legend says Joe was fanatical about the tantalising taste of the ginger root and that his first ‘dip in the ginge’ circa 1740 produced a tipple that literally singed the tips of his ‘tache – an image now immortalised on every bottle of this refreshingly feisty alcoholic ginger beer. From the same house that produces the world-famed Stone’s Ginger Wine and the original secret recipe for the Ginger Wine adds inspiration to every bottle of Ginger Joe. The origins of Stone’s Original Ginger Wine date back to 1740 and the foundation of a company called The Finsbury Distilling Company in the City of London. They, like many of their counterparts, needed to build a retail network to sell their wares. These included Joseph Stone, grocer of High Holborn. An extremely important customer of the distillers, his name was given to their Ginger Wine. Made then, as it still is today from the finest quality wine grapes and pure fresh ginger, Stone’s Original Green Ginger Wine quickly became the flagship of the Finsbury Distilling Company’s British wines division. In 1832, amid the cholera epidemic, sales were boosted by the widely held belief that ginger offered protection against the disease. Ginger’s medicinal properties – it has also been hailed as an aid to digestion and as an effective aphrodisiac – undoubtedly contributed to the everlasting popularity (and cult like following) of Stone’s Original Green Ginger Wine. Ginger Joe is now the next generation drink for the famous House of Stone.
Country Of Origin: England

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