Tappers Three Fine Days Gin 50cl

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Country England
Spirit Type Gin
Brand Tappers
Size 50cl
ABV 40.6%

Produced in small batches only when the rain is warmer than normal, Three Fine Days takes its name from the perceptive description of the Great British Summer which is said to consist of “Three Fine Days and a Thunderstorm”.

Three Fine Days uses botanicals of lemon peel, lemon verbena, lemon balm, grapefruit peel and hawthorn leaves to deliver a refreshing, mouth-watering twist on a classic citrus gin for Summertime. Citrus notes lead throughout with grapefruit and lemon lingering on the nose and palate. Sweet and zesty, with a delicate and smooth finish

Country Of Origin: England
Tappers Gin was established in May 2016 out of a passion and desire to independently produce gin that is genuinely and authentically made in the way that it is advertised: handcrafted in small batches from start to finish, in the seaside town of West Kirby, Wirral. Less than 80 bottles of gin is produced per batch. Each bottle is individually filled, labelled and wax sealed by hand. The name 'Tappers' comes from an old nickname given to the Master Compounder at Tappers Gin (which coincidentally is also slang for a tavern keeper who 'taps' kegs or casks!) The gin is independently compounded which involves steeping (infusing) botanicals to a carefully designed recipe. Compounding is the same method used to make sloe gin and results in a flavoursome and complex drink. The resulting tipple has an amber-hue which comes from the infused juniper berries. All botanicals are natural and include freshly foraged ingredients such as sea beet.
Country Of Origin: England

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