Taylors Very Old Single Harvest Vintage 1966 Port 70cl in Wooden Gift Box

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Country Portugal
Port Type Vintage Port
Region Douro
Brand Taylors
Size 75cl
ABV 20%
Closure Type Cork
Vintage 1966
Maturity Stand Up and drink withing 2-5 Years
Food Match Perfect with Game Meat and Dark Chocolate
Style Full and Round

Displayed in a Wooden Gift Box this is the perfect present for any special occasions especially Fathers Day.  The port's 5 decades of ageing have given it a lovely medium golden mahogany colour, with a hint of olive green on the meniscus. The nose is complex with aromas of walnut, macadamia, brown sugar and a warm spicy background of molasses and caramel. The palate is smooth and honeyed, with rich spice, figs, mocha and confit apricot. The acidity is marked and the finish long with beautiful balance.


Wonderfully poised and elegant, this exceptional Aged Tawny Port is ready to drink now and is the perfect wine with which to celebrate a 50th birthday or anniversary. Beautifully presented in a gorgeous hinged wooden case with engraved plague label detail on front. 


From Taylor’s Managing Director, Adrian Bridge: "A 50th birthday or anniversary is a landmark occasion. Taylor’s Single Harvest Ports offer a unique opportunity to celebrate with an extraordinary 50 year old wine in perfect condition.”

Country Of Origin: Portugal

Taylor's holds one of the most extensive reserves of very old cask aged Port of any producer and their Vintage Port is one of the world’s great iconic wines.


On the Taylor estates the grapes are picked and carried in small trays to ensure that they are kept in perfect condition. On arrival in the winery they are evaluated by the wine maker and inspected on a sorting table before being de-stemmed. In the traditional process, still used to make the wines from Taylor’s own estates, the grapes are then placed in wide, thigh-deep granite treading tanks known as lagares. Here they are trodden by foot.


Probably the best known of all Port houses, the firm known today as Taylor’s was founded by Job Bearsley who was a general trader. It was Job’s son Peter who moved the company to Oporto in 1709 and they were the first English family to purchase property in the Douro in 1744. In 1816 Joseph Taylor joined the firm and it was soon trading under his name, 1836 saw the arrival of John Fladgate and Morgan Yeatman. Descendants of these three families have run the firm ever since, and it remains committed to staying independently owned. This guarantees the continuity of purpose required to make wines of quality and character. It also preserves a priceless inheritance of experience and skill passed down through the generations over more than three centuries. Taylor’s independence also helps to protect its future as a producer of the finest Ports, allowing it to make decisions and investments which are in the best long term interests of the firm and of future generations.

Read more here: www.taylor.pt


The Taylors reserves of very old cask aged Port includes a collection of very rare and valuable Single Harvest Ports. Not to be confused with Vintage Ports, which age in bottle, Single Harvest Ports are wines of a single year which have been aged in seasoned oak casks. They display the date of the harvest on the label. These wonderfully mellow, complex wines have been aged to full maturity and are ready to drink when bottled.

Every year, Taylor’s makes a limited release of a Single Harvest Port made 50 years previously. These are the perfect wines with which to celebrate a 50th anniversary or birthday and are presented in attractive wooden gift boxes.

The Taylor’s 1966 Single Harvest Port was has been newly released for 2016 and is the third in a recent series of Single Harvest Ports from a single year, preceded by the 1964 and 1965.

Country Of Origin: Portugal

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