Teeling Whiskey Trinity Miniatures Gift Pack 3 x 5cl

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Country Ireland
Spirit Type Malt and Deluxe Whisky
Brand Teeling
Size 3 x 5cl
ABV 46.0%

A neat little miniatures Gift Pack from the Teeling Whiskey Company in Dublin

5cl each of Teeling Single Malt, Teeling Single Grain and Teeling Small Batch, their three excellent core expressions!

An ideal introduction to the work of The Teeling Whiskey Company and a top present for Irish whiskey enthusiasts...

  • Teeling Small Batch – A spicy, rich palate followed by a floral, herbal finish with caramel on the tail
  • Teeling Single Grain - Deliciously sweet with a good deal of spice and fruit
  • Teeling Single Malt - A balanced mix of dry fruits, citrus, vanilla, spice and cloves with a long sweet finish
Country Of Origin: Ireland

Traditionally the heart of the Irish whiskey industry, in the 19th century, Dublin whiskey became recognised as the Premier whiskey in the world, renowned for its smooth and unique character. As a result, some of the largest distilleries in the world emerged from these small craft distillers in the Liberties area epicentre when there were over 37 different distilleries in Dublin. This was when Walter Teeling set up his craft distillery on Marrowbone Lane in 1782, commencing a 230 year tradition of distilling for the Teeling family.

As Irish whiskey fell on hard times so did distilling in Dublin and the last still ran cold in 1976 until now. William Teeling’s distillery, having been incorporated into Jameson & Co (at one stage one of the two biggest distilleries in Dublin), disappeared in the 20s along with Roe & Co, with Power & Sons moving to Cork in the 1970s. For around 40 years, not a drop of whiskey was distilled until Stephen and Jack Teeling woke the Spirit of Dublin on Newmarket Square.

As the sons of John Teeling, founder of the Cooley Distillery, and descendants of Walter, they already had valuable experience of the industry and a family name embedded in Dublin distilling. The Teeling Distillery is the first new distillery in Dublin in over 125 years and has revived the craft of distilling back in the very heart of Dublin city centre with the new distillery only a stone's throw away from where Walter Teeling's old distillery was in an ancient market square called Newmarket.

The new distillery is a three copper pot still operation reviving the traditional style of Dublin whiskey distillation. Staying true to the family tradition of quality over quantity, from grain to bottle many hands are involved in the small batch production process to ensure that each bottle of Teeling is crafted to the highest standard possible. Each bottle carries the signature of Jack Teeling along with details of the casks used and when bottled.

Country Of Origin: Ireland

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