The Botanist Islay Fine Dry Gin 70cl

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Country Scotland
Spirit Type Gin
Brand Bruichladdich
Size 70cl
ABV 46%
Serving Suggestion

Delicately distilled from 22 foraged Hebridean island botanicals, this is the first and only Islay dry gin.


The spirit is satin smooth gliding over the palate like no gin you have ever tried before. A totally seductive experience.

The aromas explode like an olfactory Aurora Borealis filling the senses with meteorites of smell sensations as they explode from the glass. Sweet delicate menthol, apple mint, spring woodlands, juniper, coriander with aniseed undertones, lemon and orange peel, a bouquet of summer flowers on the machir, honey from thistle, coconut from gorse, wild mint and summer meadows. It’s a magical melody of Islay’s’ natural bounty from the Atlantic washed beaches to the summit of heather covered hills. Inhale and you’re there on the "Queen of the Hebrides"! 

The taste is rich and mellow; cool on entry then as it reaches the back palate you can feel the warmth and absolute purity of slow unhurried distillation. This is a bewitching, delectable and luxurious gin; its citrus freshness excites and stimulates the taste buds allowing you to experience a starburst of flavours as they explode across the palate. 

All this from a beaten up old pot still, operated by beaten up distillers on the coast of heaven.

Country Of Origin: Scotland
Wild Islay. The Hebridean island home of The Botanist clings to the edge of the ocean in the teeth of Atlantic weather systems. As progressive Hebridean distillers, The Botanist is the essence of their philosophy, art and pioneering spirit. “The Botanist” – an artisanal Islay gin, contains nine of the classic gin aromatics – orris root, cassia bark, coriander seed, etc – augmented with a heady harvest of 22 local botanicals, hand-picked locally and sustainably by the distillery’s expert foraging team of their own botanical scientists from the windswept hills, peat bogs and Atlantic shores of the island of Islay. The 22: Apple mint, sweet chamomile, creeping thistle, downy birch, elder, gorse (whin), hawthorn, heather, juniper, lady's bedstraw, lemon balm, meadowsweet, mugwort, red clover, spear mint, sweet cicely, bog myrtle (sweet gale), tansy, water mint, white clover, wild thyme, wood sage. Head Distiller Jim McEwan is one of the best known distillers in Scotland. He talks of an orchestral quality to the botanist, in which the delicate high floral notes of the Islay botanicals are accompanied by rich bass tones provided by the nine barks, berries, seeds and peels. This truly seasonal and exotic serve is then slow “simmer” distilled in the unique and cherished Lomond pot-still, affectionately known by Jim as “Ugly Betty”. Recovered in 2005 from the old Inverleven distillery, it was floated round to Islay on a barge and installed at Bruichladdich. “Betty” has been extensively adapted by Jim to slow the distillation process and promote reflux. By working at low-pressure, slowly the precious botanicals are gently coaxed into releasing their complex, signature aromatics. Only the purest and lightest vapours enter the Lyne arm to reach the casket containing the delicate Islay botanicals. The result: a highly distinctive, complex, floral gin with outstanding finish and impeccable provenance. In an age of re-badged industrial gins, the botanist stands out as a truly artisanal, hand-crafted labour of love and distiller’s art. A breath of botanical Islay in every glass.
Country Of Origin: Scotland

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