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    This innovative freezer pack contains a collection of miniatures, giving you the chance to taste five flavours of the premium vodka, chilled to...
    Absolut Apeach flavoured Vodka 70cl
      Absolut Apeach was introduced in 2005. It soon found its following around the world, both in Asia where the peach fruit is originally from, and in...
      Absolut Berri Acai flavoured Vodka 70cl
        Fresh blueberry flavour native to Europe and North America, fruity pomegranate from South-west Asia, and smooth açai from South America. Now...
        Absolut Cherrys flavoured Vodka 70cl
            Absolut Cherrys is the latest flavour from the Swedish vodka company. It is said to offer the rich character of sun-ripe cherries with...
          Absolut Citron flavoured Vodka 70cl
            Launched 9 years after the release of the original ABSOLUT, this Citron version is a bartenders dream. A huge success among the 'on the rocks with a...
            Absolut Kurant flavoured Vodka 70cl
              Launched in 1992 as a tribute to Swedish Vodka's powerhouse ABSOLUT. This black currant flavoured spirit has gone from strength to strength. Made...
              Absolut Mandarin Flavoured Vodka 70cl
                Absolut Mandrin is complex, smooth and mellow with a fruity mandarin and orange character mixed with a note of orange peel.  It is made...
                Absolut Mango flavoured Vodka 70cl
                  Absolut Mango was introduced in 2007. The flavour, quite obviously, is based on mango – a word that’s more or less the same world wide....
                  Absolut Pear flavoured Vodka 70cl
                    Introduced in 2007, Absolut Pears is quite a newcomer in the Absolut family. Absolut Pears is made exclusively from natural ingredients, and unlike...
                    Absolut Peppar flavoured Vodka 50cl
                       Absolut Peppar was launched in 1986, seven years after Absolut Vodka. Besides being the first flavoured vodka in the family, it was also the...
                      Absolut Raspberri flavoured Vodka 70cl
                         Since wild raspberries are often found in the Swedish hillsides, nothing could be more natural than introducing Absolut Raspberri. And so it...
                        Absolut Swedish Vodka 70cl
                          Clean, pure and stylish vodka from Sweden. Serve neat, straight from the freezer. Absolut Vodka was first launched in New York in 1979. But the...
                          Absolut Vanilia Vodka 70cl
                            Absolut "Vanilia" was introduced in 2003. Basically because vanilla is one of the most beloved flavour in the world. And it wasn't long...
                            Absolut Vodka 100 70cl
                                Absolut 100 is an intense, yet exceptionally smooth super premium vodka. Even a small amount gives the total Absolut 100 experience. The...
                              Absolut Vodka Andy Warhol Limted Edition 70cl
                                In 1986, Andy Warhol was the first artist to create an original artwork for Absolut Saying, "I love the bottle, I want to do something..."...
                                Absolut Wild Tea flavoured Vodka 70cl
                                  Introduced in 2010, Absolut Wild Tea has already become a favourite in many bars and homes. The black tea from China meets a Scandinavian summer day...
                                  Belvedere Pure Vodka 1.75 Litre Limited Edition Illuminated Bott
                                    1.75 Litre - Oversized Magnum Illuminated Bottle! Discover why Belvedere is celebrated by discriminating enthusiasts worldwide. Belvedere's...
                                    Belvedere Pure Vodka 3 litre Limited Edition Illuminated Bottle
                                      3 litre - Jeroboam sized Illuminated Bottle! Discover why Belvedere is celebrated by discriminating enthusiasts worldwide. Belvedere's taste profile...
                                      Belvedere Pure Vodka 6 litre Limited Edition Illuminated Bottle
                                        6 litre Illuminating Bottle - Methuselah sized Bottle - Equivalent of 8.5 normal sized bottles! Discover why Belvedere is celebrated by...
                                        Belvedere Vodka Pure 70cl
                                          Discover why Belvedere is celebrated by discriminating enthusiasts worldwide. Belvedere's taste profile features a subtle sweetness and smooth, clean...
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