W & J Graham's LBV 2012 Port 75cl in Gift Tube

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Country Portugal
Port Type LBV Port
Region Douro
Brand Grahams
Grape Variety Port Blend
Size 75cl
ABV 20.0%
Closure Type Cork
Vintage 2012
Maturity Drink now
Food Match Perfect with a Cheeseboard or chocolate dessert
Style Full bodied and fruity

Graham’s Late Bottled Vintage Port (LBV) is a superb wine, selected from the finest production of what was a spectacular year. Whereas Vintage Port spends two years in casks and then matures in bottle, LBV is matured in seasoned oak and then bottled at between four and six years of age; hence the term, ‘late bottled’. Its ageing process encourages the wine’s development, and as such, at the time of bottling it is ready to drink without the need for decanting. 

Charles Symington, Graham’s head winemaker, the company’s two tasters, and the viticulture manager Pedro L. Costa personally select each barrel of LBV before bottling this superb 2012 LBV.

Deep Ruby in colour and a nose that’s bursting with dark fruit notes combined with hints of fresh mint. The Palate is full-bodied and demonstrates Graham's unique complexity, balance of power and finesse, and long and firm finish.

Presented in a stylish branded Gift Tube.

Country Of Origin: Portugal

It is alleged that two wine merchants in the seventeenth century exploring Portugal’s Douro valley discovered the Abbot of a Lamego monastery adding grape spirit to his wine early on in its fermentation to preserve its sweetness. This was embryonic Port. They decided to use this method of “fortification” to preserve their wines for the long sea journey back to England.

This wine took its name from the city where these traders had their base: Oporto (Porto), from where it is to this day shipped to the world. Port is still produced in this way, by intentionally interrupting the fermentation of the grape must (or juice) by the addition of a clear grape spirit called aguardiente, generally referred to as “brandy”. This preserves a large amount of the grapes’ natural sugars, thereby giving Port its characteristic sweetness and richness.

The grapes that are used to make Port must be grown in the mountainous Upper Douro region of Northern Portugal, the world’s first officially demarcated wine region in 1756. This protected region is the only place in the world that can produce authentic Port.

Graham’s has always been a pioneer. Graham's was one of the first Port companies to invest in its own vineyards in Portugal’s Douro Valley in 1890 and is now at the cutting edge of innovation in winemaking techniques. Today, five Symington cousins share responsibility for every aspect of the company and personally make the Graham’s wines. They too have been involved with Port and the Douro for many generations, with ancestry dating back to the mid-17th century.

Graham's LBV is a leader in its category, winning 1 Trophy and 6 Gold medals in the last two decades at the most prestigious competitions. It is highly prized by Port enthusiasts in Britain, traditionally one of Port's most discerning and competitive markets.

Country Of Origin: Portugal

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