Zymurgorium Manchester Gin Trio ( 3 x 50cl)

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  • Zymurgorium_Manchester_Gin Trio_3_X_ 50cl

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Country England
Spirit Type Gin
Brand Zymurgorium
Size 50cl
ABV 40.0%

An excellent trio of Zymurgorium Manchester Gins! Containing 1 X 50cl of each of the following Gins:

Zymurgorium The Original Manchester Gin:

The first ever Manchester Gin is an astounding success and is arguably the World’s most complex gin. Made using the distillery’s brand new patent pending still and from their own equally brilliant Manchester Vodka made with a distilled honey mead base. This vodka is rectified with over 20 luscious botanicals to make this beautifully complex and aromatic gin, incredibly smooth and floral gin with a wide diversity of flavours that represent Manchester’s rich cultural fabric.

On the palate, a robust spicy note after the initial honey which leads onto a final herbal note that comfortingly lingers on palate. Presented in its beautiful stoneware bottle, each one is Hand Bottled, Hand labelled, Hand Waxed & Hand Stamped.

Zymurgorium The Original Marmalade of Manchester Gin:

Made using the distillery’s brand new patent pending still and from their own Manchester Vodka made with a distilled honey mead base and a collaboration with fellow Mancunians Duerr's (of the Marmalade fame.)

A real citrus fest, an absolute dissolute orgy of citrus including; Lime, Lemon, Tangerine, Seville Orange, Bergamot then to finish it off the distillate passes over sweet orange peel to drag the final oils kicking and screaming into the solution. The botanicals include wild juniper, Coriander, Grains of Paradise and vanilla resulting in “a goldy elixir like ambrosia of the gods!” (In the words of the Zymurgorium…)

In the mouth, a slight piney citrus pepperiness at the start, following on with a mixture of citrus and orange sweet fruits on the mid palate, finishing off with comforting notes of Madagascan Vanilla that linger for a while, enticing you for another sip!

Zymurgorium The Original Manchester Sloe Gin:

Made using the distillery’s brand new patent pending still and from their own Manchester Vodka made with a distilled honey mead base. Local sloe berries have been added from the Manchester Green Belt, North Cheshire including Delamere Forest and Macclesfield, the Pennines and Lancashire. They are first juiced and then the skins thrown back in for good measure with 6-9 moths soaking. There is less sugar than some modern sloe gins, meaning there is a real flavour of the Sloes and Gin.

Rich, fruity and strong! An old classic, remastered.

Country Of Origin: England
The Zymurgorium is a Meadery, Brewery & Distillery but is so much more than just that… The Zymurgorium name comes from an amalgamation of the word Zymurgy and also Emporium; Zymurgy is the study of scientific brewing and an emporium is a shop that sells various items and trinkets so it stands to reason that this “Zymurgorium” sells various brews (among other things…) Inspired by a love of love of culture, variation and science, a fascination and love of all things natural, and a natural talent for brewing, back in 2012 founder Aaron Darke embarked on his first entrepreneurial adventure and made Darke Crafts which quickly turned into the Zymurgorium in 2013. The Zymurgorium aims to give its patrons only the best of brewing experiences and taste bud adventure and diversity. With a background in Mead production and now with old and new techniques in the sacred art of distillation, an abundance of ingredients and an almost endless supply of distilling styles, the distillery goes from strength to strength. The Zymurgorium is proud to be Manchester’s first distillery. The Manchester Gins range first arose in January 2015 which have grown in number and quality ever since, following the expansion of the distillery and the uncompromising in quality matched with multiple distilling and infusing technologies. Each stoneware bottle is filled, labelled, waxed and stamped by hand
Country Of Origin: England

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